Find out the ammount of crime in a particular constituency, including breakdowns by the vaious types of crime (anti-social behaviour, burglary etc.), along with other relevant information such as MP, Party and population. Constituencies are ranked overall and within an individual party.

I have written a blog post vaguely to do with how I created this project.

Ideas for taking this project forward

Overall leaderboards for the political parties, and more ability to compare different constituencies/regions/parties. Add postcode search, so people don't need to know the name of their constituency.

The crime counts are currently those for February 2011, since that is the most recent month. What would be increasingly useful is to have a calendar view of the data, so trends over time can be seen. (Once we have the data for both sides of a General Election, this will be even more interesting.)

Think about how information about crimes + boundaries could usefully be shown on a map.

Look into calculating crime totals for other useful geographic areas, such as local authorities, or Super Output Areas to combine with other data (such as Indices of Deprivation).

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

About the data used for this project

The dataset. It was very nice in that it gives locations down to the level of individual streets, which was what allowed me to do the remapping to constituency areas. Sadly this dataset only seems to cover england, so at the moment Scottish/Welsh/Irish constituencies have no crime.

Also made use of the boundaryline data released by Ordance Survey, thorugh MySociety's mapit service.

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National Hack the Government Day 2011

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