Crime Stats Facebook Quiz


A fun and quick quiz to test people's perception of crime with the actual statistics.

Although you can access outside of Facebook (current url is: -- may change), the point is to get people involved who wouldn't normally access crime stats.

Being Facebook, they can share with their friend, or post the results to their newsfeed. No sign-in is required, and the quiz should take no more than a minute to complete (6 questions)

The answers are collected, so that you can analyse by area and crime type what perceptions are.

Ideas for taking this project forward

1) Write unit tests for the back-end code, and refactor that a bit (in hindsight can think of a few tweaks to make it better) 2) Do an admin interface so admins (e.g. HO) can see what people guessed (and how that compares to the stats) 3) Improve the design 4) Do iPhone/Android interfaces (either as apps, or more likely as iPhone/Android optimized web pages), thus broadening the reach to these users. 5) Sort the deployment (it's on free hosting at the moment)

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

No more than £5000 (plus hosting costs -- say $125/month if using maintenance-free Heroku)

About the data used for this project

NPIA police API. No probs, but the fact that there are only 6 categories of crime (of which one is 'all crime') is a bit limiting

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Rewired State: Justice and Home Affairs

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