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We started with the hypothesis that colder countries tended to have faster broadband connections and decided to see if that was generally the truth. We also believed that richer countries tend to have faster connections too. So we went out in search of data:

  • Speed data (Q1 2010) - Akamai
  • GNI per capita (2008) - World Bank
  • Temperature data from 3 months of the year (1985) - Unknown

We presented this data in google API maps format for ease of interpretation world-wide. We also plotted the data on graphs and showed that both hypothesis were generally true: colder countries do tend to have faster broadband & richer countries do tend to have faster broadband. We think these are quite interesting trends.

Ideas for taking this project forward

Get some reliable and recent temperature data. This was just a bit of fun though. It would be nice to see schools getting data like this to use in A-level statistics lessons, would make it more exciting I reckon!

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