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The "Carer Help" app is an app that you can access through either your browser or your mobile phone.

It uses HTML5 and CSS 3 to present you with a Geolocated map of the amenities you are close to. Currently supported data streams are:

  • Bus Stops
  • Train Stations
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Parks
  • Pubs
  • Car Parks

Though there is almost no limit to the data that could be aggregated, as long as it is geotagged.

From there you can filter your results by the type of thing you are looking for, and then by interacting with the map you can see what experiences other carers have had with the same location.

You can rate the facilities under two categories:

  • How accessible it is, e.g. if it has ramps for wheelchairs
  • How accommodating the staff are, e.g. How helpful and non-judgemental the staff are

You can also comment on the facility to give the user a more personal experience of the facility.

A couple of screenshots can be found here:

Ideas for taking this project forward

Postcode Search, Extended commenting and ratings system, cached queries and full mobile integration.

Known Issues: * Limited Browser support * Ratings system is buggy * Comment system is only a mock up

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

Between 2 and 4 weeks of developer time to create a complete product

About the data used for this project

All the data we plot on the map is available for free (query limited) from the Cloudmade API.

ANY other Geolocated data could be easily integrated, whether it is stored locally or brought in via. an API

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Subversion repository:

Twitter: @TeamRubberDevs

Created at

DotGovLabs Developer Weekend

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