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Blab to Betty is a confidential, non-patronising sexual health advice service which uses modern web and SMS technologies.

We found that FRANK, a well known drugs advice service, was already being funded by the government. If there is a service for help and advice on drugs, why not on sexual health? FRANK needs a girlfriend, and so we created BETTY. So now, you can Talk to Frank or Blab to Betty.

Blab to Betty is primarily an SMS service which allows a young adult (aged 14-19) to text in any questions to Betty at a standard message rate and, depending on the question, will receive either an automated response or advice from a peer mentor. For those times when the user has no credit, they can use the Blab to Betty website to input their mobile number and question and receive a response as soon as possible. To keep the service confidential, upon leaving the website the user will be presented with a page telling them how to clear their private data (including history, cookies and cache) for their specific browser.

Currently, only a preview of the site is available. A live version will be available soon.

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