Better off In Bed


Better off in Bed is essentially a benefits calculator to see whether you are better off on benefits or going out and working.

it was coded in PHP and uses data scraped from the job centre website

Ideas for taking this project forward

  • Improve the U.I
  • Adapt it to not run of Local Servers

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

Not Too Much. A Bit of Coding would be Required to Adapt it but as far as that is concerned not much at all.

About the data used for this project

1.5GB of Job Center online data. Someone had been recording it however it was in PDF which required A LOT of separating first started off with freebase grid works but then decided to let Python do all the work.

Project URL:

- None - Project Must Run of a Local Host -

Created at

Young Rewired State 2010

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