Awesometer is a reply to Jeff Gilfelt's ASBOrometer. Rather than spreading fear and distrust it gives hope, security and warm feelings.

An app for mobile devices using the Android operating system, it uses a wide variety of open data sources to find the number of positive actions, institutions and events near the current location.

Ideas for taking this project forward

It'd be nice to build this properly, and tidy up Rupert's very amateurish java. A little graphical design could go a long way. It'd also be nice to look at incorporating more data sources.

We'll try to get something finished and into the Android app store ASAP

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

About the data used for this project

The app makes a series of web service calls, notably to: to find out what positive activities are nearby. to find nearby schools and other educational establishments. to find nearby cultural institutions.

A temporary talis datastore holding Event information from

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