API for UK Online Centre data


GeoDjango based API for the data provided by UK online on the day. Designed to help others make cool projects without having to figure out the data first.

Ideas for taking this project forward

Making this more robust and getting the live data from UK online would allow for other cool projects to spring up at other UK online based hack days.

Adding place name parsing to location would help if a postcode wasn't known, and adding API calls for things like opening times, facilities etc.would make a lot more possible.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

2 days work cleaning up the code and adding features above, and another (I guess) for making it tap in to the live system.

About the data used for this project

I initially scraped the javascript at the top of the search result page to get the location and centre info.

Having the csv file provided on the day was excellent and gave more data than was exposed on the web site.

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