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Rewired State: National Hack the Government, 2012

The projects created at Rewired State: National Hack the Government, 2012 can be found on hacks.rewiredstate.org.

Rewired State: Refugees United

The projects created at Rewired State: Refugees United can be found on hacks.rewiredstate.org.

The Boat that Hacked TV

The projects created at Rewired State: The Boat that Hacked TV can be found on hacks.rewiredstate.org.

Rewired State: UKCES ‘Exploring a database'

The projects created at Rewired State: UKCES ‘Exploring a database' can be found on hacks.rewiredstate.org.

Rewired State: GLA Energy/Environment Hack

The projects created at Rewired State: GLA Energy/Environment Hack can be found on hacks.rewiredstate.org.

Rewired State: Social TV — Education

The projects created at Rewired State: Social TV — Education can be found on hacks.rewiredstate.org.

Learning Without Frontiers 2012

The projects created at Learning Without Frontiers 2012 can be found on hacks.rewiredstate.org.

Power of Minds Hack

The projects created at the Honda Power of Minds Hack can be found on hacks.rewiredstate.org.

Rewired State: Parliament

  • Crowdlobbying

    Crowdlobbying is a web app which makes it easier to collaboratively lobby MPs for a Parliamentary issue.

  • (Adam) Price is Right

    Its Saturday Night! Come on Down! Adam Price is Right! A hack showing which of Brucie’s prizes MPs could have bought with their expenses. Warning: Not intended for those without a sense of humor and/or unfamiliarity with The Price is Right

  • Happy Birthday Mr President

    Get your MP a nice gift for their special day. This site uses the TheyWorkForYou API to get MP birthday info (and scrapes wikipedia for this too), then suggests some gift ideas using The Guardian’s MP expense claims data.

  • mMaPpS

    Maps MP IDs from all over the place and provides an API for joining them all up. Also, searches for and extracts MP names in blocks on text.

  • MPBook

    Facebook for MPs - bringing social to Parliament!

  • Who’s Lobbying Parliament

    The Who’s Lobbying project reveals for the first time which groups are most often giving oral evidence to Parliament committees. We analysed oral evidence witness lists scraped from the Parliament website, and produced three top ten lists: 1) organisations giving most oral evidence; 2) industries giving most oral evidence; and 3) organisational...

  • Lordable?

    Pivoting through the lordly data to find out what their Lordships are thinking about.

  • ParliPurlse

    This is mobile phone to webserver data mining client/server applications to enable the MP\’s do their jobs more effectively. The app is to analyzing data from different perspectives and summarizing it into useful information - that can be used to increase revenue, cuts costs, or both. It builds a repository for the MP\’s to refere...

  • Little Ben

    A mobile application designed to keep both MPs and the everyday man informed as to the bills going through Parliament. Users are able to vote within the app on particular bills and show their MP their preferences, whilst MPs can use this feedback in deciding which way to vote. A great function is the ability [...]

  • iWhip

    Analyses MPs based on their past habits on order to predict those that might rebel on a bill in a given area - a helpful tool for Party Whips.

  • MPwatch: Grafie

    A two part (originally Kindle-optimised) project for keeping MPs informed. While one part focuses on what other MPs are saying, this part focuses on what the general public have said.

  • Parliamentary Groups Memberships

    Make committee and all party group memberships searchable by MP / Lord so you can see all in one place.

  • UK Unemployment API

    Building a rough API from static data so other people can build more awesome things

  • Oh Lordy!

    Making the House of Lords register of Interests searchable and exployable

  • Parliamentary

    The Problem Hansard documents Huge Cumbersome Inaccessible How do I summarize or explore Who said what and when? What are the hot topics? The Solution A tool to statistically process Hansard Data Explore “Who” is talking about “What” What has my MP talked about? Date sensitive What happened last week? What are the hot topics [...]

  • MPWatch : Hansard

    This program/application makes hansard display data in a more elegant interface using PHP, jQuery and Javascript. An Android version is also being created and that contains an

  • Visual statistics for analysing the parliament’s data

    This tool generates visual statistics from the parliament\’s numerical data. It can be used to understand/predict the economical trends in the UK and detect potential problems in certain regions. The tool parses some of the excel files that were provided and generates graphs that represent the distribution of crime or unemployment numbers per UK regions....

  • Parliament.info

    Wolfram|Alpha inspired natural language data grabber for people who aren’t so computer oriented.

  • Finding Similar Political Interests

    ThePublicWhip have parsed all Hansard data to get voting data. What would happen if this was combined with machine learning techniques (at the moment, just logistic regression) to try and map sets of votes to a party. At the moment just used for recommending which party a member of the public should join, but there [...]

  • Tweeting in Parliament

    If an MP tweets in Parliament, should it go in Hansard? Given a url of a Hansard page, we scrape the debate text and display all tweets by sitting MPs alongside it, according to when they occurred.

  • Blogs for MPs

    A service that makes it easier for politicians to share what they\\’re getting up to by using a Tumblr blog.

  • Politics I care about

    A service that links your interests to what’s happening in Parliament. Similar to a dating service but it matches your interests and likes are matched to what’s going on in Parliament. You choose which data set to use for instance your Facebook interests or Twitter feed etc. Then you are kept up to date with [...]

  • Investd

    Investd is a system for finding the best MPs to lobby about your chosen topic. By searching through the database of Early Day Motions, and selecting from the list of MPs who signed the motion, we end up with a set of MPs who should be interested in what your talking about. Allows you to [...]

HP webOS Developer Event

  • Recipe Finder

    Finds recipes from the Guardian’s food section. Allows you to save recipes as favourites and, maybe, create a shopping list based on a week’s worth of shopping.

  • Look out the window

    A weather app that gets the current data for anywhere in the world and shows a possibly-geotagged Flickr picture next to it of similar conditions. Unfortunately adding forecast data looked hard because of Weather Underground’s XML-only API so it only shows the current conditions, hence the name: Look out the window.

  • Winder

    A fart app! Because every app store needs one. Screens: http://www.flickr.com/photos/48352659@N06/5941597728/in/photostream http://www.flickr.com/photos/48352659@N06/5941037929/in/photostream

  • Edinburgh Festival Guide

    A beginning on making a social mobile guide to the Edinburgh Festival using their new API. The opening screen of the app displays a graph showing the cadence of the festival, something I always feel is missing on websites of festivals, showing the mix of events on specific days.

  • News of the World

    Winner of the HP webOS developer event at The Guardian. This prototype is an experimental approach for exploring content (e.g. news, reviews and photos) about any place on earth. See the demo: dharmafly.com/hpwebos-hackday/demo/ (Warning: utterly non-optimised at the moment) Starting at the reader’s current location, a magazine-style page of content...

  • Engaged By Events

    WebOS enyo HP touchpad application for allowing professionals to view and track upcoming events, personalised by groups they have joined on their linkedin accounts. User can easily browse events in a beautiful three panel display. User can even view the event webpage from within the app. Integration with the Touchpad calendar, allows users to easily...

  • TouchPad Poker

    TouchPad Poker allows you to play Texas Holdem with friends using your smartphone or web enabled device. Perfect for parties or the pub.

  • Tesco Shop

    Online shopping no longer has to be a bore. You can now do it on your HP TouchPad

  • Barcode Thing

    My things + your things + the Internet knows about all things = Barcode Thing The problem Large collections of books, records, CDs, DVDs, retrogames, etc. can be difficult to manage, especially when you want to expand your collection on the move. When shopping you may want to know if you have an item, how [...]

  • TheJeremyHunt

    You are going on a Jeremy Hunt. Your job is to journey round the King’s Cross area, finding a series of pivotal locations to navigate through the scandal. There will be clues to help you - think of it as orienteering with a moral compass.


  • W5

    Adds a button to your (mobile) browser for instant mapping,reference material and public data. Only extracts data related to the web page, e.g. news story, in the browser. Who? What? When? Where? Why? We spent Saturday trying out all sorts of APIs such Yahoo Pipes and Google Geocoding but in the end went with an [...]

  • Development Leaks

    Built a journalistic tool for researching international development projects. Application auto-matches World Bank development projects to possibly related leaked US embassy cables, using term extraction from source data. For each development project, the application displays possibly related cables, and terms in common. Users can follow hyperlinks through...

  • Green Incorporated

    A website to highlight ethical issues plaguing corporations in a way that is interesting and easy to understand.

  • Local Heroes

    AirBNB for volunteering; a tool to allow local events and charities to recruit volunteers, and for potential volunteers to find local charities to volunteer for. Also facilitates flexible volunteering hours as opposed the the rigid hours commonly used by larger charities Is compatible with mobile devices to find volunteering work on-the-go

  • Local Heroes

    AirBNB for volunteering; a tool to allow local events and charities to recruit volunteers, and for potential volunteers to find local charities to volunteer for. Also facilitates flexible volunteering hours as opposed the the rigid hours commonly used by larger charities Is compatible with mobile devices to find volunteering work on-the-go

  • The Climate Quiz

    A quiz… about the climate… Also has sms functionality for almost no reason whatsoever!

  • FreeHoc

    FreeHoc provides a service that allows its users to recycle their unwanted items by connecting them with other users who want or need them. freecycle.org is a project that has global scope. It uses standard separate newsgroups for each geographical area (e.g Bristol, Bath). This simple approach has created a huge accessible user-base, but has [...]

  • You make my <3 flutter!

    Geeks are very particular about their space, so what could be better than a mobile, wearable device that notes their heart rate when someone enters their space. Whether you’re cool, calm and collected or get palpitations when someone enters your space, it’s interesting to note how a particular person affects your physicality, whether that...

  • Interact (Your Opinion matters)

    Interact is a self sustaining, Nature friendly framework which opens a communication channel between the government/Operators and the people to get their opinions when it is actually needed using their mobiles in their pockets. This framework is open for a lot of things like government surveys, Feedbacks to various organizations and could be used for [...]

  • ScanCampaign

    Generate a full QR code poster campaign for your cause, properly integrated for mobile phones.

  • TouchyPeely

    A compost matchmaking app, bringing together people who don’t have a garden and don’t want to landfill their kitchen waste, with people who have a compost bin or allotment and want all the peelings they can get. TouchyPeely: Reduces the environmental impact of landfill and incineration Reduces the cost to councils for waste management Increases...

  • Social Shopping list

    Social Shopping list is a mobile app for people who want to improve their shopping habits to be more economical or environment friendly. App uploads the users shopping list to the web server in which list is automatically analyzed and improved version is returned. (actually only simple mobile client is done as a hack no [...]

  • Loca

    Loca is a minimalist group SMS service. Much like a mailing list, users can subscribe to channels, publish to them, and unsubscribe from them. Unlike a mailing list, no messages are stored by the service, and messages received (via subscription) are anonymous. Loca was built by Isabell Long and Zachary Voase.

  • Liqcalendar

    Liqcalendar is a digital calendar intended for use in a non-technical environment and provides at a glance view of data. Usable by people of all ages and ultra-simple to see and interact with. Built as a prototype on my Nokia device and working on my MeeGo tablets and phones.

  • The worlds easiest mapping tool

    Trying to make crowd sourced geo contributions easier, to both administer and contribute too. This project uses bluevia APIs to allow users to simply text a message and have it plotted on a map. The idea is that SMS is universal - whereas GPS etc is smartphone only. Also by not trying to determine location [...]

  • Traeder

    Traeder is a system for exchange of alternative currencies without requiring special hardware or physical tokens of any kind. Using smartphones or SMS, alternative or parallel currencies (such as carbon credits) can be rolled out without upfront hardware and installation costs.

Rewired State: Norfolk

  • Kebab Hunter

    We mashed together takeaway reviews data from Qype.co.uk with hygiene/health & safety data from Norwich City Council, and mapped it on an augmented reality Layar. The result was an app that could take you to takeaways that are not only good places to eat but also clean & hygienic.

  • binposse

    Binposse is an SMS service which, when sent a Norwich street name and house number, responds with information about the next waste or recycling collection scheduled for that address. If the ‘remind’ keyword is included in the initial message it’ll send a quick reminder the evening before the collection. Behind the scenes it manipulates...

  • Festival timeline

    This hardly counts as a hack at all, really. I didn’t write a single line of code. It’s simply data from http://nnf11.nnfestival.org.uk/ wrangled into a JSON file, and dropped into a timeline widget from here: http://www.simile-widgets.org/timeline/

National Hack the Government Day 2011

  • London Borough Smackdown

    A Top Trumps style game using crime statistics for London Boroughs. The app is a simple webapp designed to be played on mobile devices (iphone, ipad and android).

  • Crime4U

    Find out the ammount of crime in a particular constituency, including breakdowns by the vaious types of crime (anti-social behaviour, burglary etc.), along with other relevant information such as MP, Party and population. Constituencies are ranked overall and within an individual party. I have written a blog post vaguely to do with how I created [...]

  • Think Of The Children

    A mobile app to help visitors to an area make an informed decision as to its safety - by drawing together police crime reports and traffic incidents to highlight danger zones.

  • #March26

    A quick project to collect and analyse tweets that contained the #March26 hashtag. The project used a combination of python to get hold of the tweets, MySQL to store the tweets and Tableau Public for visualising the tweets.

  • Who Wants To Not Get Stabbed?

    A game using data from Google Street View and the police.uk API, made for National Hack The Government Day 2011.

  • iSteal

    iSteal was created by Josh, Callum, Lawrence and Isabell as part of National Hack the Government Day 2011. Use of available crime (burglary etc.) data saw the creation of iSteal, an iPhone app that shows you where would be best for you to commit your crime (depending on the postcode you enter, whether you’d like [...]

  • Map What You Like - time-series mapping

    A tool to easily create animated maps based on data published by administrative areas (Boroughs, Wards etc) and time-series data. A url to the .csv of the data is provided, and this is loaded and parsed, looking for likely geographic identifiers and likely time-series data. If successful, it\’s mapped using Ordnance Survey mapping API using [...]

  • VoteGeek AV Awesomeometer

    The BBC may have a swingometer for election night, but I have an awesomeometer that doesn’t just swing both ways, it swings all three ways! This project performs a general election simulation under AV rules with two runoff elections per constituency for 531 constituencies and it re-runs the election for 3916 different possible national vote [...]

  • Alternative Vote Pie visualisation

    A project intended to help people visualise how alternative voting would work in their constituency (or in general). The visualisation starts off by showing you: An inner pie chart, which breaks down the proportions of first-choice votes A second outer ring of the pie chart shows how the second-choice votes break down for voters of [...]

  • iBill/Silent Majority

    Takes an RSS feed of updated bills, and allows users to comment in real-time using WebSockets and such. If a person comments with negative sentiment. The idea was to provide

  • LooQuest

    Public Convenience location application, with crowdsourced loos alongside those published by local authorites, all presented in the style of a mid-90s MUD

  • Dramatiser

    Transcripts of Select Committee proceedings are scraped and analysed and then represented in the style of Restoration comedies, with Johnsonian marginalia.

  • Usefuliser

    The new police.uk web site was criticised for many reasons, including for falling over on the first day and costing £300,000 (£120,000 for “detailed mock-ups of the system”). Well, adding to the list of criticisms, the publication of the data (the only thing that was actually needed to be done) hasn’t been done in a [...]

  • Bus Routes Rendering

    A map showing bus routes in London. This is a rendering of raw vector data from OpenStreetMap, highlighting bus routes. It is NOT done as a overlay using javascript, but rather the data is “baked in” to the tile images of the map, rendered at several zoom levels using Mapnik software. The OpenStreetMap bus routes [...]

  • Government Spending Data Validation Service

    We want to analyse the government spending data being released by public bodies. Currently we lose too much time cleaning badly formatted csv data. The automated validation service developed at Rewired State NHTG11 reports which data files are in a non-standard format. Approximately 45% of the spending files listed at data.gov.uk are non-standard. We hope...

  • Where Should All the Convicts Go?

    A tool for the British government to use in the deportation of prisoners. Using prison population data against world population, we can see the consequences of sending different sections of our convicts to small Islands, or indeed to large countries.

  • Do I Need A Coat

    Tells you if you need a coat - simple

  • wanttobe? .com

    Allow school pupils or any people looking for education to identify and attain qualification based on crowd sourcing real life career paths.

  • Find Me A Region

    “Statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital”. - Aaron Levenstein - Some blogger who’s the top result on Google for ‘statistics quotes’ Statistics often don’t represent the true nature of something, but sometimes they do. For example - a high death...

  • Shiny Spoon

    Scrape closed data on restaurant hygiene from Aberdeen City Council, expose as open data via Scraper Wiki. Mix with other data from neighbouring authority - or other sources such as Health and Safety Inspections of premises. Add user interface, and enhance with additional location-based service such as Google Place. Google Docs Presentation https://docs.google.com/present/edit?id=0AUo7Rv2bCqVLZGN2aHQ0c21fMjBkbjh6ZHBnNw&hl=en_GB&authkey=CIDv-8wN

  • Charlie: A Democratic Data Platform

    Charlie is a platform to allow crowdsourcing of linked data. By creating bundles of related classes and properties, users can define useful sets of data which are self contained. The semantics of the bundle, and the semantics of the schemas used can then be exploited to build rich interfaces for web browsers, or instant mobile [...]

Rewired State and the Guardian SXSW Hack Day

  • Discover SxSW

    Find recommended artists for 2011′s SxSW using your last.fm profile. Alternatively search for venues, bands and gigs you’ve caught on the grape vine then save them to your schedule. Includes venue, artist info, latest news and maps so you’ll always be where the action is at!

  • SXSW Attendees Top 10

    The idea for this project by Gregory Mead and Jameel Syed was to: use the preview Lanyrd API to find the twitter ids of attendees at SXSW for each attendee find the artists that will be playing at SXSW that they follow make a top ten of the most followed bands that will be playing [...]

  • Press Coverage of SXSW

    This hack identifies which websites have covered the greatest number of artists playing at SXSW 2011. The list was generated using Musicmetric Named Entity Recognition analysis over online music blogs to find how many times each artist was mentioned on each blog. The first website in the list namechecks the greatest number of artists. This [...]

  • Visualisation of Fans

    This hack by Trung Huynh, Guillaume Gardey, and Matt Jeffery visualises artists performing at SXSW 2011. The artists are first grouped by genre and then the user can click on an artist’s name to see activity for that artist on social networks. The area of each circle is proportional to the number of fans for [...]

  • Follow Fan

    A social network-like app for asking questions to film-makers, musicians and speakers about their work.

  • GuAlive

    Typing on an iphone. The presentation linked below is much more interesting, and less prone to grammar-related DISASTERS. An effort to enable truly mobile, truly live journalism. Consists of a liveblogging architecture, made efficient by sockets/push notifications and HTML5 technologies. Content displayed just like guardian.co.uk, but in smaller segments....

  • I’mgoingtoSxSWsotouchme

    Mobile app showing schedule/listings with recommendations

  • Dead Informed

    Brings obituaries to life with audio, pictures, similar dead artists. Sort deaths by year or method of dispatch and generate playlists accordingly.

  • Rompometer

    Tracks mentions of romps in The Sun and Daily Mail.

  • Fluffbox

    Fluffbox is a tool designed to help journalists gather interesting information (The Fluff) - found anywhere on the web - and file it all into one searchable place for review later (The Box). This box then lets you drag and drop the pictures, tweets, links, audio, etc, into a document that renders them all in [...]

  • Sound Thing

    Walk into a pub/bar and your spotify playlist/favourites start to influence the jukebox. Running as a background app on your smartphone, upon entering a Spotify jukebox venue, the app shares your musical tastes with the jukebox, to influence the music played. The venue jukebox would have the strongest influence. You can also discover new music [...]

  • Heat Metric

    “Buzz” calculator. Klout + numbers + other bits & bobs divided by tweets = how exciting is the event.

  • In a Word

    We take one-word good/bad reviews of gigs as they happen and turn them into the best festival backchannel and live schedule ever. Never miss the best gig of the week again; never be stuck in a dull session wondering if there’s something better going on. We have a live now/next/near schedule that show’s you who [...]

  • AudioSlideDeck

    Audio Slide Deck is a mobile application that jornalists/bloggers can use on the move to create and publish audio slideshows to their blogs and websites. It pulls in audio from AudioBoo and images from Flickr. Use Cases High quality video content is time consuming to produce and difficult to upload from the field, especially if [...]

  • Articlr

    Real time, geolocated, semantic, cloud based, web driven, socially contextual collaborative journalist mashup. Use cases covered are outlined here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/flexeflix/5436853351/sizes/o/in/photostream/

  • Live Now

    Tool for journalists covering live events.

  • Lightbox

    Android app for viewing high res photos while offline

  • SxSW+Lanyrd+Isotope

    A two hour hack submitted remotely from North Norfolk. It grabs SxSW session data for a day from the Lanyrd API and presents it using Isotope.

  • SXSW Listings

    Automatically generated listing pages for artists playing at the SXSW music festival. (Note that this is a CHEAT as it was started before the weekend)

  • Gazify

    Mark your article up with music from Spotify that would go well with it, and have Gazify track the reader’s gaze on your article and play back different music for every paragraph on it. Use cases: Set music to your music review article. No need for “play” buttons, or links to Spotify; merely the act [...]

  • What The Flock

    Interactive visualisation of SxSW music data, venue locations and event times; overlaid with a flock simulation based on realtime social media responses to the bands.

  • Gig Recommender

    Use your music profile from Last.FM to find gigs at SXSW you might enjoy.

  • Lanyrd Sessions

    Attend conference sessions Basically makes use of OAuth using Twitter and the Lanyrd API to extend Lanryd’s attending and tracking conference functionality by allowing you to attend individual conference sessions and see who else is attending. N.B. The Lanryd API is still in development so only the South by South West Interactive conference will...

  • Eventcrush

    An app which aggregates all the buzz around an event like SxSW daily, and creates a daily newspaper for each day of the event, archived as a record. It pulls in photos, blog posts, tweets, videos and other links which are posted on Twitter and throws them all together into a newspaper.

  • ‘Almost Live’ SxSW

    Generates a random spotify playlist based upon the artists playing on any given day at the festival - An ‘almost live’ version of SxSW for those who cant attend.

  • Lightbox

    We’ve been building an Android app that will pull down photos from Facebook and Twitter and creates a “social camera roll” on your phone. For the Guardian SXSW hack day, we built 2 features: An OAuth based API so developers can upload and download photos from our service. We now scour your Twitter feed for [...]

  • Metcha

    SXSW is a big and confusing conference. There are tons of people to meet, tons of great conversations to be had, but where do you start? Metcha is a mobile app that helps keep track of the people you want to meet at conferences and events. Let\’s make some serendipity happen: Add an event you\’re [...]

  • EventLens

    We all see the world through a particular lens. We filter out things we don’t feel are relevant, or that don’t fit with our world view. What if you could view an event through someone else’s lens? What if you could see an event like SXSW through the eyes of a Guardian journalist, or one [...]

  • SXSW Music Guide

    Just a quick bit of front-end experimentation to show some flying boxes and sortable lists of gig venues and bands.

  • Vueo

    A handheld online Television Studio / Station. The iPhone has become one of the most powerful tools in a journalist’s arsenal, so much so that the New York Times has started equipping their staff with iPhone 4s for the camera alone. Imagine if you had three journalists, all with iPhones at the same time… we’ve [...]

  • From Dusk till Dawn

    An ambient, insomniac’s guide to art in Austin for SxSW. The app will hopefully lull you to sleep when you’re over excited, wired on coffee or margaritas and fill your subconscious with reviews of the art you can see all around to you ease your hangover the next day.

DotGovLabs Developer Weekend

  • Myivfoptions.co.uk

    My IVF Options Last year MP Grant Shapps made a Freedom of Information request (FOI) to all the primary care trusts (PCT) in the UK, asking them for the criteria which they judge IVF applicants against. This data has been made publically available on the Guardian website. Myivfoptions.co.uk, is a prototype to help couples who [...]

  • Working title: “Social Media Lite”

    There are two types of elderly people who are excluded from the Internet: those who can’t get online, and those who don’t see the benefits of getting online. (Big generalisation:) The elderly hate new technology, but they LOVE new photographs. So we’re proposing the “Social Media Lite”, a digital photo frame that you buy your...

  • NHS Absence Authorisation System (Tools for Schools)

    In todays situation when a student gets an appointment they get a note from the doctors to take to school to prove that they have a doctors appointment. My small app would fix this issue by making the whole process electronic and fast. The student would simply ask for a A.A.S code when making the [...]

  • Digital Champions

    Digital Champions is a way of being able to link local people directly to skilled volunteers in their local area. It’s very simple for new computer users to navigate, and helps them to get in touch with the ideal person based on what the user needs the champion to help them with, and what the [...]

  • RapidHackr

    Winner of the Government “Skunkworks” category A tool designed to help organise the rapid development of apps. Ideal for hack days, projects can be created, connected to GitHub commits and an EtherPad can be embedded for collaborative notes. Users can post status updates of the project, and milestones can be set against time. To add [...]

  • Tasket

    Tasket is a visually immersive web app that engages volunteers in performing tiny tasks for a cause. It’s a “micro-volunteering” task management tool and lets people create tasks that need doing, allows others to claim those tasks and helps everyone track the progress of the community. The initial prototype (see below) was created...

  • Carers Help

    The “Carer Help” app is an app that you can access through either your browser or your mobile phone. It uses HTML5 and CSS 3 to present you with a Geolocated map of the amenities you are close to. Currently supported data streams are: Bus Stops Train Stations Hospitals Pharmacies Parks Pubs Car Parks Though [...]

  • Weekend Quitter

    This solution is a mobile web application which charters the physical progress of someone who gives up smoking on a Friday, over the weekend. The aim is to give regular alerts to someone about the changes their body is going through, not only positive but including the withdrawal they will be experiencing. This app capitalises [...]

  • Smoking is cool

    A website that takes information on the user’s smoking habits and spits out statistics about how much of their life they have lost so far and what demographics their habits match the most.

  • Playtter

    The reduction of obesity is a major public health challenge. Obesity in both children and adults has increased substantially over the last decade in the UK, affecting 15% of children aged 2-10, and around a quarter of men and women, in 2007. Furthermore, excess weight can lead to a number of debilitating conditions for the [...]

  • WikiGov

    WikiGov is a pathway to ultimate democracy - you edit the laws as you see fit! Made by Isabell Long, Josh Pickett and Sufian Hassan.

  • PedalMania!

    Our app helps you to get fit around London, using BorisBikes. If we can get people to move bikes from full docks, to emptier docks, we can reduce the number of vans needed to redistribute the bikes. When you open the app, it asks you to sign in using Twitter. Using GPS, it works out [...]

  • OpenRota - Inclusive Community Scheduling System

    A community/voluntary sector rota system designed for those without access to computers or posh phones. Whilst admin, configuration and user management require web access (reasonable enough) day-to-day use of the system can be achieved entirely via SMS. By building on standard APIs, implemented in Ruby on Rails (and also utilising PHP, MySQL, Apache...

  • Citagens UK - Problem Solving Through Collaboration

    Citagens UK is dedicated to solving some of Britains most difficicult problems through collaboration.

  • Community Mission

    A common database of people, missions and assets. An agreement to do something simple together.

Rewired State: Carbon and Energy Hack Weekend

  • Are we saving energy in the UK?

    Are we saving energy in the UK? We generate a single number that updates daily to answer the question. On 31 October 2010, the answer was NO - the UK used 3.4% more electricity over the last 7 days compared to the previous year. This updates daily, via a script hosted at ScraperWiki, using data [...]

  • CarbonCopies

    A game to encourage people to explore the carbon footprints of different activities and things. CarbonCopies is a casual game where the player tries to match items and activities that have the same carbon footprint, to help people start to learn how footprints compare, and which lifestyle changes make a difference to your overall footprint [...]

  • Social Meter

    A home energy monitor to build an energy monitor with a social component. Not only do you see your own energy usage, but you see it in context of your existing social networks. We built a system that took live data from Pachube feeds, ran carbon calculations through AMEE, aggregated people together using Twitter, and [...]

  • EVPointFinder

    Two small hacks around charging stations for electrical vehicles. As an avid motorcyclist, I’m aware I should switch to an electric motorcycle, but if I did so how far would I be able to go? The main hack was a small iPhone app that uses scavenged data from two of the prominent companies installing points [...]

  • Sandbag Carbon Geiger Counter

    A mobile phone app for Android phones that tells you when you are in the vicinity of Europe’s largest emitters of CO2. Since 2005 these carbon dinosaurs, which are responsible for over half of the EU’s emissions, have been given legal caps on their emissions but the caps are too loose. Sandbag campaigns to raise [...]

  • Climate Change Scoreboard

    A quick and easy scoreboard showing how many UK councils, charities, companies had signed up for 10:10. This was just a front page to the real work done on the backend, to incorporate 10:10 signatory data into OpenlyLocal and OpenCharities, both of which are now showing 1010 membership for each council/charity. We’ve also matched about [...]

  • presentation video

    wel i will try again to make a general page for people to post video and images… someone love the last one so much they deleted it.. here is a ratehr large iphone size video fo the presentation http://www.lostinspace.com/share/filechute/rscarbon%20-%20iPhone.m4v i will do a higher resolution flash .flv version soon.

  • National Grid (aka DEFRA vs. Salmon)

    A quick, nasty looking, badly coded hack created in the last half hour of the RewiredState: Carbon and Energy Hack Weekend. Compares the amount of carbon saved by government departments (from October 1st to November 1st) with other incredibly important stuff like beer and salmon!

Rewired State: UK Online centres

  • Voice search for UK Online Centres

    Call +12052898881 and you’re prompted to type in your town name on your phone keypad. Tap it in, and hear the location of your nearest UK Online Centre. Uses the Twilio service to provide connectivity with phone calls. The app itself is a Google App Engine web app which makes calls to the TalusDesign-provided search [...]

  • FirstPlaces and “Wish you were online…”

    These two services can facilitate internet users getting their friends and family members online with a physical reminder of something of interest they can access online at a familiar place. The first link is a presentation of how the services work and what they do.

  • API for UK Online Centre data

    GeoDjango based API for the data provided by UK online on the day. Designed to help others make cool projects without having to figure out the data first.

  • Nearest UKO centre by SMS (using Clickatell)

    Many digitally excluded individuals have a mobile phone. The idea emerged of SMSing the local centre to someones [likely to be non-smart]phone. We explored 3 API products to do this, although we later got Takyt working with its innovative pricing model, Clickatell was the easier and more established service to use. There is still a [...]

  • SMS Centre Finder

    Almost 70% of the UK Online users who are new to the Internet have a mobile phone. This prototype service is targeted at people like them, to provide a new “way in” to UK Online’s services. It allows people to send a simple text message to a short phone number, and be sent back the [...]

  • What Makes a Centre?

    Some simple data visualisations of different aspects of the UK online centres, created using the Wordle service. Centres’ target audience: Centre locations: Centre names: Centre names (minus the six most popular words): MADE BY * Premasagar Rose (@premasagar) * From an original idea by Daniel Morris (@danielmorris)

  • UK Online Fake API

    An API made out of the data scraped from their centre finder webform using YQL

Young Rewired State 2010

  • Postcode Lottery

    Enter 1 to 5 postcodes and get back a table or list of comparisons on various categories from the Crime Level compared to the national average, to the nearby local activities. Data sources used include: digitaluk.co.uk, recyclenow.com, openlylocal.com, plings.net, and more to be added. On the technical side, it’s a modular PHP backend, where you [...]

  • UniSearch

    A search tool for Universities. Where there was only doubt and boring numbers on a screen, there is now a clear alternative. Start by entering a course now.

  • NatuSearch

    NatuSearch is a service to help allow people easy access to usually large and complex data sets and also allow smart data access through comparison.

  • TubeSmart

    Many tube stations are too busy to use much of the time, partly because there is uneven demand across tube stations. This is because there is no way for the user to plan their journey ahead of time and see which tube stations are busier (existing journey planners help you to plan your route, but [...]

  • GovSpark

    Power data is reported real-time online for many government departments, including BIS, DCMS, HRMC and Home Office. The problem is that all data is held on separate pages within CarbonCulture and is hard to compare. GovSpark solves that! GovSpark compares energy usage across government departments in one single website. Made by Isabell Long.

  • CycleHubs

    CycleHubs is a Windows Phone 7 application used to find the nearest Barclays Cycle Hire Stations to you - either by using your current GPS location or by entering a postcode.

  • Psych Survival Chances

    If you, or someone you love, are due to be admitted to a Mental Health Institute, the thing that’s going to be on your mind the most will be: What’s the chance I’ll/they’ll come out of this alive!? And so, with that in mind, this website was created to calm those nerves, to give you [...]

  • Pick My House

    The aim of Pick My House is to make it easy for people to find details about the areas in which they’re considering getting accommodation in. At present, all it’s easy to do is to look at the house/flat and then look around the area, however this doesn’t really tell you a lot about what [...]

  • WhatBLOCK

    WhatBLOCK is an http-accessible application designed to test the internal networks of schools and offices across the country to assess the wide-scale use and abuse of internet content filtering. Many students and office works across the country are often at the mercy of their I.T. departments and content filtering software when it comes to internet...

  • Cool Broadband

    We started with the hypothesis that colder countries tended to have faster broadband connections and decided to see if that was generally the truth. We also believed that richer countries tend to have faster connections too. So we went out in search of data: Speed data (Q1 2010) - Akamai GNI per capita (2008) - [...]

  • Manchester | Images through time

    An on-this-day style application which conjures up images from the past 100+ years from the manchester.gov.uk archive and compares them with the latest Manchester geo-tagged photos from Flickr. Special thanks to Alan Holding of the MDDA for scraping the photos and corresponding data.

  • Live London Leisure Locations – iPhone App

    Live London Leisure Locations is an iPhone application designed to show you the nearest leisure centres to you. The map used within the app is based on Apple’s Map Kit framework, which uses Google’s map service to provide map data. Due to not being able to find good enough data, as well as getting MapKit [...]

  • iWanted App - iPhone App (based on iWanted web app)

    The iWanted app is an iPhone application with which you can take photos of people whom you believe to be law-breakers-at-large, based on a collection of images shown to you within the app, which are provided by the data on the web version of iWanted. Once a photo has been taken, it can be automatically [...]

  • “Live” Manchester Busmap

    Using the newly released GMPTE bus timetable data, this map shows where all the buses in manchester should be, in real time.

  • Manchester Bus Times Webapp

    A simple webapp targeted at mobile devices for finding the bus times for a particular route at a particular stop.

  • Criminator

    This was an attempt to compare crime statistics to media reports of crimes, but was not particularly successful due to the lag of geocoded news articles, and the innaccuracy of trying to guess this information from article text.

  • Jobber

    Jobber is a job search web app; It divides a list of jobs by qualification level. Choose a qualification level, select a job and you will be able to see the average salary a year and a picture related to the job.

  • SocialLibrary

    SocialLibrary combines existing Library location and catalog data with social media. To try and rejuvenate the Library system and bring back its audiences since Libraries have declined in usage over time. In SocialLibrary, users can reserve books at their local Libraries, using location data to find their nearest ones, displaying it as a Google map,...

  • Notlate

    Notlate was a concept for a smartphone app, in which one could enter a location and time of arrival, It could then plan out your morning (or evening) routine and give you the ideal public transport route.

  • Gimmie 5

    Gimmie 5 is a web and android app. Its purpose is to show the user, who is about to choose their GCSE’s, their chance in receiving a pass grade (A*-C) in that subject. It uses Countrywide data from Data.gov.uk. The android app allows you to choose 5 subjects. Each subject has its pass percentage as [...]

  • Better off In Bed

    Better off in Bed is essentially a benefits calculator to see whether you are better off on benefits or going out and working. it was coded in PHP and uses data scraped from the job centre website

  • Tax Man

    A Basic Income Calculator - As Simple as That Just put in how much you earn in Days, Weeks, Months, or in a Year. Then it will do all the complicated stuff and splurt out a figure.

Rewired State: Culture

  • HMRC Artworks

    List artworks registered with HMRC for tax purposes. Enable easier methods for contacting in order to arrange to view the artworks.

  • LandingZone

    Crop circles. Yes, Crop circles. This app is the ultimate* tool for crop circle enthusiasts around the country and indeed the globe. The LandingZone app fetches co-ordinates from cropcirclearchive.com and plots each occurrence on an interactive map (courtesy of google maps). The crop circles can be filtered to view only the most relevant circles that...

  • Cultural Segment locator

    Get the unusually high density cultural segment for a postcode according to http://www.artscouncil.org.uk/about-us/research/arts-based-segmentation-research/13-segments/

  • Mapping events from Visit Britain

    We reviewed as many of the provided datasets as possible, looking for common data points such as people, events or places on which we could do a linking exercise. We drew a blank on this, and instead did a mapping exercise based on NGR co-ordinates. We converted 7,000+ events from Visit Britain into a map [...]

  • Awesometer

    Awesometer is a reply to Jeff Gilfelt’s ASBOrometer. Rather than spreading fear and distrust it gives hope, security and warm feelings. An app for mobile devices using the Android operating system, it uses a wide variety of open data sources to find the number of positive actions, institutions and events near the current location.

  • TAPCulture

    In essence: Oyster cards for art …or… World of Warcraft for museums. Young people don’t immerse themselves in culture as much as they probably should. TAPCulture is a game connecting school pupils with real places, their peers, and their schools. Here’s how it works: You give out a bunch of swipe cards to a school, [...]

  • Government Art Collection Explorer

    It’s an iPad app prototype made on a custom API built out of data provided by the Government Art Collection which allows you to browse through the wonderful and often hidden works we all collectively own. It was built on the emulator and needs a tiny bit of tidying up to make it really feel [...]

National Hack The Government Day 2010

  • Map interface for Hospital & Registry office APIs

    Simple search box and map display for finding your nearest registry offices and hospitals Give it a try!: http://funmap.co.uk/rewiredstate/ This was a quick hack Harry Wood did, building a user interface on top of the APIs created by Richard Boulton for finding the nearest registry offices and the nearest hospitals. The map used is OpenStreetMap [...]

  • EyeSpyGovIT

    know something about a government IT project that others might be interested in?

  • Pharmacy opening times

    The NHS website shows a list of pharmacies near a given postcode. I took this data and parsed it in to my web application. This allows it to produce a list which shows which of the pharmacies are currently open and also provides a map to show the location.

  • expendituremap

    expendituremap was one of two Vodafone-sponsored prize winners. It’s an interactive map which visualises public expenditure data by UK region. Categories such as services, defence, public order, science and technology, agriculture and transport can be selected to vary regional size and colour. This allows for easy comparison between public spending...

  • Parliamentary Bill Analyzer

    Takes two Parliamentary Bill URLs (such as this and this) and it will show the differences between the two versions. Thanks to GetAVote.org, there is an online hosted version you can use. You can download it and run it on a local machine. It needs PHP and Ruby, but on OSX if you install MAMP [...]

Rewired State: DotGovLabs

  • TellUsOnce

    Working prototype/proof-of-concept for a simple, user-friendly service to alert all of government of key change of circumstances. In a super-simple 4-page process (one of which is confirmation of details and another is a success message), the user can notify the government of a death, birth or change of address. This information is then distributed...

  • The Bump Game

    The Bump Game is a cooperative two-player trivia game designed to help newly expectant parents and their birth partners learn about the mass of medical, legal, and logistical information they need to know throughout pregnancy. Throughout the game, players race their ‘bump’ as they answer questions about pregnancy and birth. The goal of the game...

  • UK Business Portal

    Website that allows you create your business profile and have it suggest events, contacts, competitors, like minded people and advisors tailored to your business. Functionality of this portal create your own business profile * government businesses can centralise their events onto this system * a user can customise their own calendar * a user can [...]

  • Legends of Paternity

    Legends of Paternity is a fun iPhone game designed to help young fathers & potential fathers think about their paternity rights and get them thinking about the issues - all wrapped up in a fun-to-play arcade blaster! As a new dad myself I found that the current paternity information from government & employers took some [...]

  • Pregnancy Helper

    During pregnancy there are many forms to fill in, people to officially tell, and things to apply for, not only for Mum, but Dad too, not to mention for an employer of a woman about to go on maternity leave (or a Dad on paternity leave). Pregnancy Helper provides the traditional foetal development information alongside [...]

  • Mum’s Aid Kit

    A mobile widget app to simplify life during pregnancy. The NHS provides rich information around the topic of pregnancy. We decided to add mobility and social network interaction to provide pregnant women with independence of movement - a mobile is always with you wherever you are easy access to critical information - nearest hospital / [...]

  • NHS pregnancy tips for Android

    Android mobile phone widget showing relevant tips during pregnancy period, which directly links to the relevant governemnt websites. NHS DirectGov BusinessLink

  • FixMyHospital

    FixMyHospital makes it easy to report problems in hospitals. When you spot a specific, fixable problem in a hospital, you can search for it on this site and submit a report. The report can include a picture of the problem if you have one. The report gets published on the web, where other people can [...]

  • todo.gov.uk

    Checklists are a common element across many different government sites, and so are service locators. This project glues them together into an interactive todo list type thing. Contributers to this project: George Brocklehurst Tom Lea Tom ten Thij

  • Registry office locator

    Provide a machine readable API for finding a list of the registry offices nearest to a given location, for registration of births, deaths and marriages. Currently, the directgov website provides a “find my nearest” locator for England and Wales, a static page for Northern Ireland, and a set of PDFs for Scotland. Even for England [...]

  • Hospital locator

    Provide a machine readable API for finding a list of the hospitals nearest to a given location. Also allows the results to be filtered to return only those with Accident and Emergency departments. This project doesn’t include any user interface - instead, it just provides a machine readable (JSON) API, queryable based on a location [...]

  • Get Me A Dentist

    A simple site for finding dentists in your area, and booking appointments with them. The original idea was a appointment scheduling application for dentists. The problem I intended to solve was that Dentists get cancellations on a Wednesday and Thursday which they want to fill in, in order to be able to take the Friday [...]

  • NHS Toolbar

    A browser extension providing links to accurate information about newspaper health stories. The NHS provides an really excellent service called ‘Behind the Headlines’. They analyse scientific and health stories that have appeared in the press and give a critical assessment of whether the science supports the headlines. Because the posts...

Rewired State: Justice and Home Affairs

  • Met Complaints

    Beginnings of a Met Complaints mobile web application was put in place, in the same style as the Asborometer application. An example page can be viewed here: http://metcomplaints.heroku.com/police_groups/islington A principal components statistical analysis was also performed on the borough level Met complaints data. Results were displayed during the hackday...

  • Better Crime Maps

    Crime maps with no maps. Lets a member of the public see the actual crime in their ward compared with the current priorities set by the safer neighbourhood panel. If they disagree they can contact the panel and ask them to consider change the polices priorities. This closes the loop with the public giving them [...]

  • Police Complaints Visualiser

    Takes the nearly unreadable police complaints data and presents it graphically, allowing you to drill down into the data and query it.

  • Crime Stats Facebook Quiz

    A fun and quick quiz to test people’s perception of crime with the actual statistics. Although you can access outside of Facebook (current url is: http://hollow-autumn-76.heroku.com/ — may change), the point is to get people involved who wouldn’t normally access crime stats. Being Facebook, they can share with their friend, or post...

  • How’s My Town

    A brutally honest postcode rating system with ultimate snob value UPDATE How’s my town will be live again in around 3 days (It would be done sooner but Im researching how to build a new app for dotgovlabs) (until the full app is available the postcodes ‘sw1′ and ‘e15′ are available as an example of [...]

  • Accessible Data

    Exemplar publication of data following not being able to easily engage in freakonomics, correlating time series crime and justice data with the rising price of a cheese sandwich or the proximity of taser use to availability of broadband.

  • BBC + Data.gov.uk mashup

    Publishes links to relevant data.gov.uk datasets next to news articles on the BBC website. Provides important context for those articles and increased visibility for the datasets. Implemented as a simple greasemonkey Firefox script connecting to a simple search service built with Google’s ajax search api.

  • Safer Journeys

    Used the TFL journey planner API to extend their results with information about the crime at each station of the proposed journeys. This used the police API (http://policeapi.rkh.co.uk/) to provide aprox crime data. The data was actually for the local town rather than the specific station.

  • Helicoptr

    Where are the police helicopters? Application that uses the ‘Merseyside Police Helicopter Incidents’ to map where police helicopters have been and display a route on a map using a helicopter icon that translates between points on the map. Forget pie charts boring representation Use Google Maps? potentially boring representation Use Google...

Young Rewired State

  • HTML5 Wheels

    Built using the latest cross platform, standards compliant HTML5 technology, these revolutionary spinners have many diverse uses such as managing twitter followers, deciding what to eat or deciding what government spending to eliminate.

  • How’s My Train?

    A service to collect and present statistics on train punctuality for individual services, as opposed to the officially published statistics which are only to the precision of a route per quarter.

  • TFHell

    Buses in London are tracked by radio and GPS, yet Londonders are seeing no benefit. Some bus stops have live departure boards, but it’s not very useful when you’re at home or with friends and you want to know when the bus will be arriving. TFHell is a proof-of-concept application and API designed to make [...]

  • School Routr 2.0

    Project that aggregates news sites from Google/Yahoo using YQL and then strips data like roads, towns etc out of the page, similar to the Yahoo! service but it wasn’t accurate enough so I am using specific regexes to try and extract the data. This then will plot on a map and I’m writing something that [...]

  • Engage

    Engage is an exciting new project run by young people to promote clubs and activities within the Lichfield District. Our activities database is the largest in the District, holding more activities than any other site. As much as possible we are linking up our site with Facebook, so you can share what you find with [...]

  • Will Work For Peanuts

    “Get tech experience. Help people” A website to help trained coders with little or no work experience find some work, and to help start-ups find cheap or free coders.

  • Un-transport Direct

    The Next Step up from the Governments Online Journey Planner.

  • AgeVerifier

    An OpenID like system hosted by the government that would be able to verify the person’s name and their date of birth through government issued identification such as passports and drivers licenses to make sure that the consumer is allowed to purchase that good based on their age. The system would only report pass/fail of [...]

  • free the theory

    free the theory does two things. Lets learner car drivers take unlimited, free, practice theory tests. This isn’t possible anywhere else online - you have to pay. Makes the full set of driving theory test questions freely available in structured form, so that other people can build useful things with them too. The site is [...]

  • Crime statistics in your county

    Showing correlations (if any) between crime statistics and exam results in different areas. Using Google’s chart API to show relationships.

  • Uni Cloud

    Look for courses and see which Universities offer that course.

  • Blab To Betty

    Blab to Betty is a confidential, non-patronising sexual health advice service which uses modern web and SMS technologies. We found that FRANK, a well known drugs advice service, was already being funded by the government. If there is a service for help and advice on drugs, why not on sexual health? FRANK needs a girlfriend, [...]

National Hack The Government Day 1

  • Data Visualisations for Rewired State

    Three data visualisations created using Tableau for Rewired State : Culture. Rewired State - DCFS Events Data.twbx Pling data set contains the first 1,000 rows of event data for 27 Mar 2010 and shows which provider per region is organising events. This is a sample data set and does not show data for all regions [...]

  • UK Online - Get Online Now Booth

    Concept/Front End: The idea behind the get online booth is to get clubs and societies and the like to set up a booth in their premisses and encourage their members to find out where to get online by themselves. The website consists of three template pages; a first setup page for the club to set [...]

  • Sharing UKO Pages - Quick Win

    Just a quick mockup around possible improvements to the existing site to enable sharing of content. http://img.skitch.com/20100809-1yynt8cp8jfnrepbxymey21bk7.jpg The facebook connect button was just a mockup, but the sharing button works.

  • ONS Graphs

    Generate graphs in the browser for timeline datasets on the Office for National Statistics website. Paul Battley - http://po-ru.com/ James Mead - http://floehopper.org/

  • Openly Local

    Started as a scraper/parser for Greater London Assembly, since turned in to a TheyWorkForYou for Local Government Now online at OpenlyLocal.com

  • Job Centre Pro Plus

    search/email alerts and rss for new jobs near you

  • Epic Bin

    A service that reminds you the day before your greenbox and bin collections take place, and what they can take. Why? Because we all forget, and this means things that can be recycled or reused end up going to landfill.

  • One Click Organisations

    There are thousands of situations when people need to set up a legal structure. Forming a new club or society. Growing a small businesses beyond sole trader status. Organising a campaigning group. We think it’s far too complicated to create a legal structure so we’ve set up a project to make it simple: One Click [...]

  • Voxpomp

    Statements made by MPs during Parliamentary debate cross-referenced with news stories of the time.

  • Who voted which way?

    This has been vandalised by spammers. Could someone please update it?

  • TFL Statistics

    Using the http://tubeupdates.com/ API to work out uptime statistics for the London Underground. This app was made by Ben Dodson of http://bendodson.com/

  • Moving There

    enhancing property search websites with area statistics

  • ChoroplethUK

    Choropleth or heat maps are a useful way to visualize statistics collected by region, be that constituency, council, etc. Google charts and other services have choropleth mapping widgets for US states, but not for the UK. We liked the Guardian BNP visualisation, but this wasn’t reusable and was Flash based, not accessible by many people, [...]

  • Section 44

    For people to log when and where they have been stopped and searched under Section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000. A DB which will have an API to allow input and output of data.

  • A simple API for schools

    Government shouldn’t build websites, especially not ones for short term issues such as schools affected by snow closures, they should just make APIs and developers can then make them. http://blog.jaggeree.com/post/84708815/why-the-government-should-build-apis-and-let-survival This is a very simple faceted API made out of the Edubase dataset using...

  • What’s On Their Minds?

    Creates tag clouds from MPs written questions. The TheyWorkForYou API is used to find an MP’s recent written questions, these are passed through the Yahoo Term Extractor and counted to generate a list of tags. Created by David Salgado, Erin Staniland and Tom ten Thij

  • Find Me A Dentist

    Because teeth hurt! Scans the NHS database for dentists near your postcode for the nearest that is currently accepting new patients. Techie notes: because the NHS service seems to use national grid references rather than latitude/longitude, we geolocate the postcode using the Yahoo geocoding API and turn the returned lat/long into grid references using...

  • MCC-Work-For-You

    Part of the

  • Active Places Reloaded

    Active Places is basically a terrible website that is very hard to use. We scraped the data and showed how easy it is to make that data available in more useful formats. We built a KML file for Google Earth and showed the data available on an iPhone. We built a Ruby on Rails app [...]

  • Crime and Punishment 1707 versus 2007

    A slight but delightful project mashing up “The Old Bailey online - 1674-1913″ and “Ministry of Justice Quarterly sentencing statistics” to compare sentencing for various types of crime.

  • foafcorp uk

    Reviving foafcorp, an interactive SVG app by Dean Jackson which shows you links between companies and their directors. Orginally based on theyrule data, the idea here is to use UK Companies House data.

  • TransparencyMachine

    The Transparency Machine is an app to encourage more local-government interaction. The app reads in PDFs from council meetings, sorting by date, and the makes them available with details of minutes, agendas for future meetings, and a feedback form to allow residents to ask for items to be placed on the agenda.

  • Tracking Council Tax

    Scraping per-council electorate and council tax histories out of DCMG and National Statistics, and using it to do some data-led blogging. JSON dumps of the data are at http://www.lexical.org.uk/rewiredstate/, and CSV/XLS of individual series and embeddable graphs:: http://timetric.com/tags/voting/ and http://timetric.com/tags/council%20tax/. There’s...

  • Cycling accidents

    Visualise and geographically search 3 years of DfT data about road accidents involving cyclists. Based on data provided by memespring http://www.memespring.co.uk/tmp/cycleaccident.xls , this project uses maps to show danger hotspots. Locations are also available for download as KML. An experimental page also uses reverse geocoding as input to search...

  • One Stop Shop

    A single page you can visit that will scrape / api-use all manner of places to tell you everything it can about your postcode. Your council, your mp, your closest tube station, your council tax. The plan is that it’s pluginable and all that jazz. The interesting thing is that starting with just your postcode [...]

  • UK Parliament Chatter

    This was really part of the Open Companies House project, but it never saw the light of day. We were going to show you which MPs were talking about a company, but I didn’t want to commit some potentially unstable JavaScript at 5 minutes to 6pm, so you’ll have to do with some JSON now… [...]

  • StateAware

    Aims to collect government data through APIs and screen scraping, and enrich it through public data sources and geocoding, to provide a centralised API for cleaner access to government data.

  • Biz.Gov Events

    Project to query businesslink.gov.uk’s events database to draw out details of the events. The project is in excel and needs macros to run. http://www.clipzonk.com

  • Companies Open House

    The government’s www.companieshouse.gov.uk website doesn’t have a permanent URL for each registered company, and is shut between midnight and 7am. Companies Open House is an app that parses company data and gives you a nice page with the basic details about each company at a permanent URL. From that page, you can get to the [...]

  • Computerisation Of Administrative Legislation

    State computer systems are specified by legislation. Rewiring the state involves changing the underlying structure or it as well as using existing data feeds.

  • Fix My Site

    Like FixMyStreet for websites, or like GetSatisfaction for the UK Government online. If you want to report an issue about the over 7000 government websites you have to do it per site. All of the sites do their own thing, which might be a nice contact form, maybe an email address or in some cases [...]

  • mycounciltax.org.uk

    mycounciltax.org.uk puts together the council tax bands and the annual council tax change for every postcode in England.

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