Methodology in practice

Where data reveals the true story
There is a recognised issue with food surplus in the UK. Assumptions had been made that this was because of consumers over-buying, or supermarkets over-stocking. By following the data and supply chain, the evidence was strong that if container ships were supplied with timely and accurate weather information, they would no longer sit with the cargo rotting at sea, unable to get to land before the food spoiled and would be unusable.

Finding Refugees in Somalia and Kenya
Rewired State worked with Refugees United to address the challenge of refugees in Kenya finding their friends and family across camps. Names were not a useful identifier as they were often the same, or had been changed for safety. Rewired State developers discovered a history of story-telling in the Somali community, so used mobile recording software to record stories that only family or villages would know, then wrote an algorithm that matched words or phrases, thus enabling the charity to match story-teller, communities and families.

HR, branding and broad skills
Most organisations are looking to increase their internal tech talent by bringing in digitally savvy young people to train in sector-specific skills. Multiple HR departments have been helped by the Rewired State workshops in data and behaviour of millennials. By understanding how to release branded information into the social digital space, using smart algorithms and smart data, they have worked with us to dramatically increase their reach whilst reducing the cost of recruitment to almost zero.

Recruitment and hack days
A government client has managed to reduce their tech team recruitment costs to close to zero by replicating our hack methodology to identify talent that is both enthusiastic and knowledgeable in their sector, also with proven technical skills. They also replicate our methodology in-house to identify the silent talent of staff already employed, freeing up latent resource and maximising the potential of in-house staff.