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Posting a Job

We know that lots of people need developers and we also know that lots of you want to hire Rewired State developers. However, we are not an agency and will not be able to recruit developers for you.

That said, we are not completely silly. As you guys keep coming up with compelling work, and more and more developers from the RWS network have ended up working with you by happenstance, we have found a solution.

Fill in this form with as much detail about your job as possible. We will publish this to the publicly-accessible jobs page on our site. Rewired State developers know the address of this page and when looking for work or challenges, they will come to you.

We charge a flat fee of £50 (+VAT) to advertise on this page to cover costs. And the Christmas party.

Things to know

  1. We will not send notifications of jobs to our network as developers are inundated daily with job offers, but we will have this passive page.
  2. The job posting will last for exactly one month from you posting it
  3. We do not get involved beyond posting the job here