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  • CareerChanger

    by Andy Vizor, Hon Lee
    Tool aimed at adults who might be considering a career change. Helps them in finding Jobs relevant to their skill set within their desired search area
  • Img_0401

    iPhone job

    by John Lyons
    iPhone app with access to JobCentre stores, available position, plus ski
  • Scrnsht

    Job Fight

    by Kevin Lewis, Kush Depala
    Two jobs fight it out to see which pays the most, on average.
  • Octocat

    LMI4All Client

    by Andrea Fiore, Odera Ume-Ezeoke
    A job seeking search
  • Screen%20shot%202012-03-20%20at%2014.16.06

    Should I Drop Out?

    by I May Not Want To Be Associated With This Yet
    Decide whether to drop out of School or University using UKCES data.
  • Screenyukces

    Track a Job

    by Josh Earl
    Still in development but a good base to start.
  • Okal-eltocat

    Where the job's at

    by Martyn Davies
    Location based job info