Non-Commercial Hack Days

What happens: These hacks are open to all Rewired State and selected non-RWS developers, who wil be invited to explore interesting themes or subjects through data. Developers get to have open play time and freedom to work with each other, exploring something that they love for fun. Sponsors receive fresh insight into the subject of the hack, renewed interest and enthusiasm from the developer community and often exciting prototypes they can use to kickstart solutions in their own work.

How it works: Costs of venue hire, staff, catering, prizes, AV and data preparation are all covered by the sponsor. Developers are not paid to attend they can compete for decent prizes, and always retain their IP. Prizes can be donated as well as bought; that often means prizes that money can’t buy!

Life after hacks: Work is showcased in our apps centre and the code stred on GitHub. Developers sometimes pursue their ideas, and occasionally sponsors make arrangements with developers to do so. Rewired State can help facilitate these discussions, but does not mediate.

Upcoming Non-Commercial Hack Days