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August 07, 2010

UK Online have asked Rewired State to run a hack day for them. It is quite soon - sorry about that! We have ten paid places and limitless numbers of unpaid. If you could sign up and leave some details about why you want to be there and your skills appropriate for the day, that would be ace.

Here is the brief from UKO:

A one-day hack providing expert advice and prototyping for UK online centres, providing technical options for improving searching on the UK online centres website for a local centre, leading to an improved and more effective experience for the web user.

We also want to expand our database of places where people can get access and support to use the internet for the first time. These other places could be crowd-sourced. There would need to be clarity for the user of the differing offers in the different locations.

Goals which need to be achieved with the final product (which is being prototyped on the day):

  • To get more people online, friend and family use the search to find a local centre where they can get help and support to use the internet
  • To improve our search so that people searching can get more relevant, interesting and potentially personalised information
  • To encourage and inspire more centres to update their data more regularly and more consistently
  • To use data that we collect and don’t share with the public (eg opening times)
  • To encourage more organisations to run digital inclusion events and to join the UK online centres network and/or find new places where people could go to get online.

The solution should be:

  • Developed in open source
  • Affordable to be implemented in the full solution
  • Cross platform, cross browser, device agnostic

See fake ukonline api @ github/jaggeree (for app engine).

Signup here!

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