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January 28, 2012 → January 29, 2012

The Hub, Westminster

Rewired State, Toby Moores, and Hub Westminster are running a series of hack days on Social TV.

The challenge TV is in disruption and the days of traditional TV watching are numbered. Audiences want to interact with the programmes they love and are beginning to expect more than a one-directional, passive viewing experience. As X-Factor and Big Brother have proven…

How can television channel management, programme commissioners and programme makers can you introduce social TV into more of your programming? How can programmes currently being creating be future-proof’d, and how could they integrate the social media tools of the future? How can each TV genre, with its own challenges, channel this new approach to TV viewing? How can investing in social TV now, ensure return on investment in the future?

Each hack event will not exist in isolation: the best results from each hack day will be taken to the next seeing how prototypes can be applied in a new field and improved upon.

Our aim is not to be too ambitious —

  • To come up with prototypes that will move a lot of people a little bit rather than a select few a long way.
  • To program practical, clever and elegant solutions rather than powerful, cutting edge, techie-elitist ideas
  • To start to close the gap between traditional TV and cutting edge IT
  • To make adopting social media easier

This is Hack I of the series.

There will be four themes for each hack day and the winner of each theme will be rewarded and their hack will be built on throughout the series.

There may be others that are drawn through we hope, as well as some bespoke to each topic.

The four themes are:

  1. Follow along: apps that enable people to follow TV stories in ‘near-time’, so not in-synch
  2. Switch-over shows: online versions of TV shows, similar to BBLB, Xtra-factor and so on, that require less material but enable the conversation to continue on tablets/consoles/minor channels with upload of material not aired in the official show but can easily be uploaded to a digital consumer channel
  3. User-curated apps: apps that enable user curated content to put together for their own bespoke “TV parties” - a kind of user-generated switch-over show utilising all open data form the show itself as well as anything else out there that may be relevant or interesting to the topic
  4. Beautiful web: beautiful design - all of this must carry the gravitas of beautiful design as expected of TV event hough delivered through social web and TV mediums

It is an open hack, everyone is welcome.

We are encouraging developers, tv people, designers, UX ninjas, industry relevant people, lawyers, commissioners, social media experts — anyone interested, really — to come and play. We will provide food and vittals and will smother you all with love and care. Prize details will be announced once we have got that far, but there will be some.

The caveat underpinning this whole hack series is that the code bases are made available on github or anywhere for people to build on, and that this hack series builds into something meaningful.

We are aiming for a big show and tell at the Edinburgh TV festival — but we need to get to the right people to propose this, so bear with us!

See all the projects created at the event »



January 28, 2012 10:00
→ January 29, 2012 19:00





Hub Westminster
New Zealand House
80 Haymarket


If you'd like to sponsor this (or any of the other Social TV events), please email, and Emma or Toby will be in touch.


Rewired State - Social TV EducationRewired State - Social TV EducationRewired State - Social TV Education

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