Rewired State: Parliament — Show and Tell Redux

November 25, 2011

Rewired State: Parliament was over-whelming. There’s been a request to re-run Show and Tell, in Westminster, on 25th November, 2011, in the afternoon.

Devs: if you’re able to come, please fill in the form.

Parliamentarians, and House staff/contractors: we think this is a fantastic opportunity for you to see what software developers have hacked together/build over the course of ‘bonfire weekend’, which was presented to some of your colleagues. If you’d like to come, please fill in the form below.

Other people: we may be able to squeeze you in, but priority is really for Parliament folks.

In any case, we’ll be in touch to let you know if there’s a seat for you, before the 25th.

For more information, please contact

Here’s the signup form:


November 25, 2011 13:00





UK Parliament


UK Parliament


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