Rewired State: Parliament

November 05, 2011 → November 06, 2011

UK Parliament Week


Oh yes we are!!!!

We have long yearned to be able to hack Parliament, in the nicest possible way. It is packed with interesting data, some that has been drawn out painfully over years, and some that is still sitting hidden. Finally we have managed to arrange a mutually beneficial time to bring developers and Parliamentary data together. Parliament is fully supporting this event, incorporating it into a range of initiatives taking place during the inaugural Parliament Week. Parliament Week is a new national initiative which aims to build greater understanding of and engagement with parliamentary democracy in the UK”.

If this is your dream too, then come and play on the 5th and 6th November.

We are starting with a quick tour of Parliament (including stuff not included in the usual tour) and a rallying cry from Lord Knight. After this we will be travelling to the Guardian in King’s Cross to start coding.

This is an open hack to developers of all ages who want to come and play. We welcome designers and games developers too — anyone who can build something, should come along.

Prizes will be awarded and the judges are as follows (no doubt this list will change though according to Parly priorities!):

  • Tracy Green: Head of Online Services in Parliament
  • Paul Clarke: a member of the Speaker’s Advisory Board on Public Engagement
  • Jim, Lord Knight of Weymouth
  • Richard, Lord Allan of Hallam
  • Tom Watson MP
  • Kerry McCarthy MP


See for what was built at Rewired State: UK Parliament (2011).


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The Guardian
90 York Way
King's Cross


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