Flash hack for NHS Choices Digi Sign Boards

October 22, 2010


Last minute change of plans mid-project for the NHS Choices digital signage boards developer event. We were running this as a remote hack over the course of this month, with a show and tell on the 4th November and live apps shown throughout December.

However, this is proving to be a very underwhelming and impractical way of doing anything - so we are now calling a flash hack mob for this, at the Guardian on Friday 22nd October. In one day we need you to come up with a prototype that uses NHS Choices data on large screens as explained below.


If you plan on coming, please sign up here……………… 

The original blurb for this developer challenge copied below:

Rewired State have been challenged by NHS Choices to utilise their content and large digital signage boards in public transport hubs across major uk cities to meet the government directive to use technology to engage with, and change, the way people think about their health.

The digital advertising screens engage up to 34 million viewers and is a platform from which to combine mobile/web/misc user interaction  - getting people to contribute thoughts, share ideas and mobilise themes for their better health. We are issuing 30 invites to specific developers but have a further ten places to offer any other whizz kids out there in any of the following disciplines (we do accept that we don't know absolutely everyone!): 

  • Creative design
  • Interface design
  • Web development
  • Mobile phone development
  • Game Console development
  • Application/Tools development

The screens we will be 'hacking' are 17 large format LED and over 60 portrait 'bus shelter' sized LCD screens distributed across the UK's major railway stations with a duration of 5 to 20 seconds per 'scene'.  

On the 4th November a number of the prototypes will be chosen to be taken forward to 'weapons grade' - with reassignment of teams/talent if necessary. On the 29th November these should all be ready to production standard for out of hours screen testing (between the30th November and 17th December). 

These would then be run for 2 weeks on the screens from 17th December 2010 to 31st December 2010. 

NHS Choices


October 22, 2010 11:00


The Guardian,
Kings Place,
York Way,

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