Pub Meet - Future of RS @ Manchester

October 22, 2010

Rewired State is obviously beginning to grow and we are keen that we keep to our founding ethos:

Rewired State runs hack days to let developers show government what is possible and government to show developers what is needed.
… and dedication to being absolutely true to developers, to bring their extraordinary talent into the fore of public service planning and delivery.
Naturally, we have run several events recently that could not really be called hack days, and we think that there should be a new way of explaining what these events are. I was quickly shouted down on twitter when I suggested we were more like a tech flash mob, so I was clearly off track there - but I do think we could be more clear!
What better way than to stump up some beer money and have a gang of you, and Rewired State friends, having a bit of a dedicated chat about this. Obviously all of us having a big round table discussion in a bar is not going to work, so I suggest that you all have a think beforehand and perhaps shove some ideas on the wiki - if you have time/are so driven - then come and enjoy a beverage on us, expand and join in on discussions informally, and I will have bits of paper with me on the 22nd, for you to draw/write/graffiti on if you come up with anything brilliant, and we will all have devices for accessing the Future of RS wiki - so we can just add to that on the night too.
Afterwards a bunch of us dedicated RSers will shape this into a new thing. You can choose to play afterwards if you like too, but there is no oblig.
Just to clarify, this isn't going to be a massive chat about the future of RS, although I will certainly talk through some of the more bonkers ideas we are swilling about - this is to try to define what the super, thrashing dev events actually are now.
So, sign up below! Give us a bit of blurb about why you are coming. As it is free beer, we will have to be a bit picky and prioritise those devs and people who have attended an RS event - just so we don't go bankrupt during the course of an evening of free beer.
We will get in touch with everyone who signs up before the event - hopefully we won't have to turn people away - we will work this out, don't worry.
Vive La Movement!


October 22, 2010 17:00


Venue TBC

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