DotGovLabs Developer Weekend

December 11, 2010 → December 12, 2010

Weekend for developers who want to work on challenges and solutions put forward through the Innovation Hub. The Innovation Hub is a virtual innovation space launching early October 2010, that brings together digital innovators, investors, service users and government decision makers to discuss, shape and build radical new digital solutions to social challenge.

Developers have the option to contribute to solutions gaining backing and popularity through innovation hub or to post a brand new solution against a challenge area. With either approach the IP ownership sits with the team/person working on the solution.


For the first quarter the challenges available are likely to be (but we don’t know for sure yet):

  • Building a framework to enable localised civil action (Big Society)
  • Using digital channels to get people online; building network of digital champions and apps to help get people online (Race Online)
  • Supporting carers and cared for and keeping people at home longer
  • Supporting young people through a changing employment landscape and helping them with challenges youth face today (sexual health, teenage pregnancy and gun and knife crime)
  • Creating innovative funding models: exploring how solutions like peer-to-peer micro-contributions could fund Innovation Hub solutions
  • Ways to improve the Innovation hub or better deliver its objectives.

This is a paid developer event, with money shared in bounty format. Everyone who produces a solution will be paid a percentage of the bounty (money) for creating a prototype on the weekend - with the remainder awarded as cash prizes to the winners in each category.

This is a new way for Rewired State to run one of our events, and we hope that it is the beginning of an exploration phase into how we can actually get involved in rewiring the way the State works with developers and digital products. The Innovation hub is nothing to do with us, we are just throwing our hat into the ring to see if our way of doing things helps the way they are hoping to do things - however it does sit at the heart of government - so we need to jump in and see if we can help.


December 11, 2010 09:30
→ December 12, 2010 17:00


The Guardian,
Kings Place,
90 York Way,

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