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March 19, 2010 → March 20, 2010

DotGovLabs is the innovation arm of Directgov, and NHS Choices - the three main sites of the UK government.

Rewired State is running a two day problem solving and hack event with some key members of the three sites and 30 developers. Please can some gaming developers sign up too? This is a paid gig - developers will focus on key issues on the Friday morning, then be left to create some digital solutions through to the Saturday afternoon, with presentations at 4.30pm. On the Saturday we can open the doors to more developers if you want to come down and join in?

NHS Choices are keen to explore localisation, personalisation and patient feedback

Directgov want to focus on the following:

  • Tools and services that encourage and inform citizens on how and where to vote
  • Tools and services that help focus on citizens needs at defined lifestages eg:
    • Death
    • Birth
    • Redundancy
    • Marriage etc
  • Student Loans are more keen on a free-for-all on the data listed below - seeing what mash-ups can be created using that data that will help businesses.

There is going to be a theme across all three sites that focuses on pregnancy - and for this reason we are specifically recruiting pregnant developers, or ones who have recently given birth - yes, Dads can be included in this. NHS Choices will be releasing a new data set of cross board maternity stats on the day.

What data?

Data will be supplied by, the NHS Choices API and will be opening up the following data sets (on the day):

  • event directory - planned events (workshops, training etc) to help support businesses
  • grants directory
  • regulatory checklist
  • pregnancy/maternity - employer/employee obligation
  • pregnancy/maternity - details of applicable legislation
  • tariff - global commodity codes applicable to products being imported or exported

We will keep you informed of anything else that might be opened up - and will create a wiki to dump anything we can get our hands on - we will alert you.

You will retain the IPR on any work you produce.

Registration is now closed for this event.

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March 19, 2010 10:00
→ March 20, 2010 18:00


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