The Boat that Hacked TV

March 29, 2012 → April 01, 2012

We are very excited to announce that at MIPCube 2012 there is going to be a special hack event on a boat.

A hack day is an event where programmers, designers and people with ideas work together intensively to create new app prototypes over a 48 hr period.

The MIPCube TV Hack Day will focus on exploring the next generation of TV related applications. Tapping into the wealth of open APIs on the web, developers will work with designers and industry people to explore what is possible — and to perhaps stumble upon something that could be insanely great.

The challenge

TV is in disruption and the days of traditional TV watching are numbered.

Audiences want to interact with the programmes they love and are beginning to expect more than a one-directional, passive viewing experience. As X-Factor and Big Brother have proven…

  • How can television channel management, programme commissioners and programme makers introduce social TV into more programming?
  • How can programmes currently being creating be future-proofed, and how could they integrate the social media tools of the future?
  • How can each TV genre, with its own challenges, channel this new approach to TV viewing?
  • How can investing in social TV now, ensure return on investment in the future?

The hack

The hack will take place on a boat haboured in the Gare Maritime, Cannes. It has wifi and beds and will have all the food and drink you need to get you through the 24 hour hacking period. After you have finished hacking, you will be invited to show your work at the MIPCube on the 31st March, 2012. Judges will choose winners and you will be celebrated in the MIPCube Party in the evening.

Last but not least, the winner will be presenting their work at the MIPCube Super Session on the 1st April (the first day of MIPTV), to an audience of 11’000+ TV industry people from more than 100 countries.

This first TV Hack Day at MIP is a unique opportunity to engage with the TV experts of the world!


  • Louisa Heinrich, Strategy Director Fjord
  • Joe McDermottroe, YouTube Sales Development Manager,Google
  • Allen Debevoise, Chairman, CEO & Co-founder, Machinima

The Hacks

Hacks are detailed at

The details

  • We will supply you with information about APIs and any data we can find — but feel free to bring your own.
  • We will select a maximum of 15 places from applicants. Selection will depend on a mixture of International developers, back end, front end and designers — so do not book your tickets until you’ve heard back from us
  • You will get an opportunity to work with directors and industry heroes.
  • Accommodation is covered from Thursday through to Saturday night (mix of boat and apartment accommodation)
  • Food is provided during the Hack (Friday & Saturday)
  • Transfer from the airports is covered (the station is very close)
  • Flights/trains are not covered — you will need to get yourselves to Cannes
  • You will get free tickets to MIPCube (although you will be a bit busy!) which enables you to attend the first day of MIPTV (2012-04-01)
  • We will ensure you get peace and space to code without interruption, as well as opportunities to engage with industry experts when needed
  • Intellectual Property remains yours, but your work will be showcased and shared by Reed Midem


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