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Here at Rewired State we run hack days, as you can probably tell. We run a few different types of hack day:
  • free, open hack days a couple of times a year - like Parly Hack or National Hack the Government Day (bog standard hack days: beer/pizza/code)
  • hack series: a hack day followed by modding day(s) (we pay you a day rate for these)
  • modding days: modification days, taking a hacked prototype closer to final product (we pay you a day rate for these)

IP is dealt with on a hack by hack basis, but the default position is that the IP for the idea is yours unless you are at a paid hack day when the client would take the IP for the idea. Code IP is yours but we do encourage the use of GitHub/other code repositories. Occasionally the client will specifically request code IP at a paid hack day, in this instance we would ensure you knew up front and could make an informed decision whether to attend the hack day.

Developers are at the heart of Rewired State, everything we do we do with you in mind. We do not sell your details, if people come to us looking for a developer we ask them to put their request on our jobs page and pay £50 towards the Christmas party.

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