Pupil Data Appathon

7th July 2012, London

I'm amazed that people could be so creative within such a short period of time with what to most of us would just seem a dry piece of data… What it convinces me of is that the more we release and the more we give people time to play with it, the more amazing insights we will have into what works in education and how we can do it even better…
Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education
  • Mission: This hack was based around the National Pupil Dataset, a vast and unique dataset that includes the anonymised national public exam results of around 600,000 English schoolchildren through key stages 2, 4 and 5. The Department for Education pre-released the dataset so that both they and the public could better understand it, and also wanted to identify any security risks or obvious stories in the data before public release.
  • Outcome: The hack explored the database itself and how developers could use it, and experimented with apps and sites based on that data. One hack devised a dashboard that allowed parents to search for the best school exam results by subject. Another turned winning schools into competing teams and turned each batch of results into their weapons haul.

Testifying to the importance of open data projects, the education minister Michael Gove arrived to watch the presentations, enthusiastically talking to developers about their ideas and projects.