Power of Minds

19th November 2011, London

The Honda Hack day was inspiring insight into the actions taken by a company with a vision – Honda’s dedication to innovation, and Rewired State’s efforts to support it are admirable. The level of dedication from the group of hackers present at this event show the creativity and innovation Rewired State is able to harness and apply to productive causes. Well done on a very memorable weekend!
Odera Ume-Ezeoke, Honda
  • Mission: Sponsored by Honda, the hack set participants to work in teams under the banner: ‘If we never venture into the unknown, how do we get anywhere new?’ Developers worked alongside Honda’s cultural engineers – a group of visionary artists, ecologists and futurologists – with a broad brief to build something that would help, inspire or experiment with an interesting idea.
  • Outcome: The final twenty hacks included a system to alert drivers to nearby cyclists, an anti-GPS that encourages you to visit new places and an experiment to see if you could connect to the internet using chicken wire. You can!
Power of Minds.