Case Studies

  • Pupil Data Appathon

    7th July 2012, London

    • Mission: This hack was based around the National Pupil Dataset, a vast and unique dataset that includes the anonymised national public exam results of around 600,000 English schoolchildren through key stages 2, 4 and 5. The Department for Education pre-released the dataset so that both they and the public could better understand it, and also wanted to identify any security risks or obvious stories in the data before public release.
    • Outcome: The hack explored the database itself and how developers could use it, and experimented with apps and sites based on that data. One hack devised a dashboard that allowed parents to search for the best school exam results by subject. Another turned winning schools into competing teams and turned each batch of results into their weapons haul.

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    I'm amazed that people could be so creative within such a short period of time with what to most of us would just seem a dry piece of data… What it convinces me of is that the more we release and the more we give people time to play with it, the more amazing insights we will have into what works in education and how we can do it even better…
    Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education
  • Refugees United

    14th April 2012, London

    • Mission: The Kenyan charity Refugees United works to reconnect separated refugee families through mobile and web technology. It needed some help to find ways to do this more effectively.
    • Outcome: Finding ways to identify individuals is a major challenge for Refugees Reunited, as many names are very common and birth dates often misplaced. Developers spent most of one day researching this problem, and how to resolve it using mobile apps to assist the identification process

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    Refugees United provided us with a unique opportunity to understand the challenges in defining digital identity. It was by far the best hack day I have attended in that the challenge was actually far simpler than it looked, and the solutions exciting to build.
    Kevin Lewis, developer
  • Power of Minds

    19th November 2011, London

    • Mission: Sponsored by Honda, the hack set participants to work in teams under the banner: ‘If we never venture into the unknown, how do we get anywhere new?’ Developers worked alongside Honda’s cultural engineers – a group of visionary artists, ecologists and futurologists – with a broad brief to build something that would help, inspire or experiment with an interesting idea.
    • Outcome: The final twenty hacks included a system to alert drivers to nearby cyclists, an anti-GPS that encourages you to visit new places and an experiment to see if you could connect to the internet using chicken wire. You can!

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    The Honda Hack day was inspiring insight into the actions taken by a company with a vision – Honda’s dedication to innovation, and Rewired State’s efforts to support it are admirable. The level of dedication from the group of hackers present at this event show the creativity and innovation Rewired State is able to harness and apply to productive causes. Well done on a very memorable weekend!
    Odera Ume-Ezeoke, Honda