Rewired State organises hack days, and curates a network of more than 1,000 software developers and designers.

Our clients include government bodies, industry giants, conferences and charities. We gave birth to our first hack in March 2009, when more than 100 developers collaborated for the now infamous National Hack the Government Day. The event was the catalyst for the landmark site data.gov.uk and is widely acknowledged as the inspiration behind the UK government’s open data efforts.

Rewired State’s developer network is a rich and diverse collective of some of the UK’s best developer talent, all with proven hack day experience and a bit of a thing for rapid prototyping. We have experts in all programming languages and subjects, and like to exploit the diversity of our network by mixing subject-matter experts and non-specialists at our hacks. We find that makes for a richer mix and tastier results.

Our developer network includes full-time software engineers and designers, hobbyists and even hugely successful developer entrepreneurs, but all of them keep coing back because they love programming and thrive on a challenge.

Our philanthropic arm is Young Rewired State, an annual summer coding event and network of developers and designers aged 18 and under. Selected members of YRS are invited to attend Rewired State hack days throughout the year.

Around half the events organised by Rewired State are paid for by commercial organisations, while the rest are sponsored. At every event, developers are rewarded either with money or wondrous prizes. We don’t take IP from devs.

The operational team is led by Emma Mulqueeny and, with support from the management strategy group and developer advisory board, we plan to expand and diversify the RWS network.

We will be working with our Young Rewired State developers to encourage them to level up and take part in our full-blown hack events.

We will be building on the success of Rewired State Australia, which launched in June 2012 in partnership with the Australian government. More than 140 devs took part in GovHack, working on 45 projects using open data over two days in Sydney and Canberra.

We know that the most productive hack days are those with clear objectives and a plan for integrating and developing the results, so we are also exploring different hack day formats. How can streamlined or tightly focused modding days integrate with internal R&D projects for different organisations?

Our vision is international; we want to expand our network of expert developers worldwide, enabling global talent to work together to tackle macro world problems as well as hyperlocal ones.

So that’s us. All you really need to know is that developers are at the heart of what we do. We keep it simple.