Realise the potential of your data

Rewired State uses a hacker ethos to disrupt traditional processes and develop client products using our family of independent developers. We rapidly prototype solutions to challenges as we prove what can be done with data.

Working with private and public sector organisations, we aim to change the world, one line of code at a time. 

Rewired State is dedicated to the idea that we can make things better, smarter and faster. Using our community of skilled developers, designers and analysts, we help rethink large systems and unlock solutions in otherwise dormant sets of data. By disrupting our client's normal processes by building things quick to show their worth, we offer fresh perspectives and quickly leave a lasting impression.

We work with public sector and private organisations to change how they work with their teams, their users and each other. We are also a part in the vital conversation about personal data and freedom, partnering with other thought leaders and decision makers, shaping how the world addresses these important issues. 

Hack days are just one of the ways we help organisations realise the potential of data, and we do so in just one or two days. We use our most creative community members with the skills tailored to the clients brief - allowing their diversity of experience and knowledge to create innovative solutions. The assembled Rewired State team to push forward rapid prototypes, focusing on solutions and open development in an atmosphere of cooperation and inspiration facilitated by a series of show-and-tell landmarks in the day.

Rewired State is always great to work with. There’s some really interesting people with a really wide range of skills - from hardware to front-end web development. There’s always something interesting which comes out of it.

Josh Black, Developer

What's in it for you as a developer or designer?

  • Skills Stretch

    No challenge is ever the same and we purposefully put you in situations where you are stretched to solve it. We help your technical ability to grow.

  • Refine Projects

    Clients love what we do, and often take the hacks built and run 'modding days' with us to take the prototypes further, and often through to full release.

  • Community

    We have a network of over 1000 vetted developers around the world. We care for every member of our community and create a kind and welcoming atmosphere.

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What people say about us

  • As a brand we came in to this not knowing really what to expect, and it’s surpassed everything we were hoping for and so much more. There’s been such an amazing buzz in the room over the last couple of days.

    Alun Williams, ASDA

  • I’d say it’s a hugely beneficial experience. It’s always a bit strange coming to something like this - not knowing what’s going to happen at the end when you come back on the second day... it’s been a really pleasant surprise.

    Polly Gannaway, Cabinet Office

  • You were great and I really appreciate all the energy and enthusiasm you put into it. I’m already getting positive feedback from colleagues here about it so it’s certainly done what I’d hoped and more.

    Tracy Green, UK Parliament

  • I thought is was fantastic. There was a huge amount of enthusiasm in the room, the quality of the apps was fantastic and the developers were solving real world problems that people actually have.

    Alex Blandford, DXW

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